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students do a pre-trip inspection of a tractor trailer while social distancing

Pre-Trip Inspection at a Distance – part of our new daily routine

Day 1 at the Troops Into Transportation campus on Joint Base Lewis McChord now includes protective face masks and gloves. Our team and students were relieved to get back to work and resume their training after a 4-week operational pause. Part of our new daily routine includes screening for COVID-19 symptoms, confirming all protective gear […]

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New Opportunities to Learn – there are new opportunities everywhere

There are new opportunities everywhere around us. Some of us can see them easier than others, have you ever wondered why that is?

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CDL for Veterans means Great Job Opportunities

Who says the future is not that bright for military personnel once they leave the service? There are actually a good number of ways for them get new jobs. This means that the transition from military to civilian life is not really that difficult. Of course, applying for a new job would be much easier […]

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Landing the Right Job with Veteran Job Placement

Veterans often look for normal everyday jobs upon their retirement from military service. With that being said, being a vet does not mean one is granted a job right away. They need to undergo job training perhaps as a refresher course or in some way teach them some new skills and proficiency for them to […]

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The Scope of Class B License and What their Training Involves

Veterans who look for jobs past their career in the military service often consider getting a job as a commercial truck driver. This is because this is mostly the one that closely resembles the job they had in the field. It should also be noted that commercial truck drivers also receive a fair amount of […]

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Teaching New Skills through Veteran Job Training

Veterans even after retirement will need to provide for themselves as well as with their families. As such, they may find the need to look for a regular job as they transition into civilian life. For that they will need the necessary training to prepare them for the job that is ahead of them. It […]

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Truck Driving Schools Helping Improve One’s Proficiency and Skill

Driving is one of the most common tasks that are done on a regular day to day basis. One cannot imagine how life would be today when there are no vehicles. Work would be very much troublesome to accomplish and going to places will take a huge amount of time. Fortunately, you will not find […]

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Truck Driving for Military Vets

There are a lot of retirees and veterans who are looking into getting a career in truck driving. The best part about truck driving is the chance to see the scenery in the countryside often while earning in the process. Doing so will surely give them the satisfaction, the adventure, and sense of accomplishment in […]

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IT Military Vet Job Vacancies

There are a lot of military veterans who are tech savvy considering the high tech devices that are used in the defense sector. This is also because the internet industry is quite booming and it has never ceased to grow and earn more. It is also a fact that the internet started from the military […]

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