What is Troops Into Transportation?

Troops Into Transportation is an initiative created by The CDL School and our partner trucking companies. Our Mission is to provide job training and placement for service members and veterans with our partner carriers. We at Troops Into Transportation have a goal to be the primary conduit for service members to enter the transportation industry by 2015; as well as being the primary employment source for major trucking carriers seeking to hire military personnel. We provide comprehensive hands-on training and several highly successful certification program to help veterans and service members secure their Commercial Driver’s License to begin their career in the commercial trucking industry. There are many diverse offers for career advancement opportunities by leveraging military skills and knowledge.

Why are we different?

What separates Troops Into Transportation from traditional higher-education or vocational programs, is that we are a Job-First program. We have our potential students apply for acceptance and employability with our partner carrier. Acceptance into our program is determined once we can verify an applicant will be pre-hired. Once a student is pre-hired, they have the opportunity to start our certification program and are immediately scheduled for training with prompt and secure job placement upon graduation. This gives you the security and predictability you need and expect.


You can use your POST-9/11 GI Bill ® for training with TROOPS INTO TRANSPORTATION, and employment in The National Transportation Industry.

Why Are Entry Level Driver’s Needed?

The commercial transportation industry has a serious demand for qualified entry-level drivers. CNN, reported in October 2011, some 400,000 qualified drivers will be required in the next few years. The demand is increasing and exists mainly due to:

  • Growing Needs for Imports – Many manufacturing jobs have been off-shored; consequently the US imports more consumer products, which need to be shipped and delivered by truck.
  • Just in Time Delivery – More trucks are needed to serve as warehousing for our national supply chain.
  • Experienced Drivers Retiring – With seats opening up, new drivers we be needed to replace retirees.

Your options to get into the industry with Troops Into Transportation are:

  • To apply for admission and be accepted to join our program. Once you complete the certified training course and earn your diploma and your CDL you will go straight to work, This can happen in less than 30 days from now.
  • We're also approved for the training of eligible veterans, which will give you the qualifications to enter the industry, and obtain your CDL Class A, B, Bus license.
  • If you are an existing CDL Holder, have a CDL permit, or are an experienced military vehicle operator we can have you pre-hired and then certify you in an refresher program to meet your new employer’s requirements.

How do you GET STARTED ?

  • You can attend one of our frequent live or online orientations when we explain fully the industry and the career opportunity.
  • Schedule an interview with one of our admissions advisors, either online or in person and complete an application. Once your application is accepted by our admissions panel, you will attend a second in-person or online meeting to complete the enrollment and matriculation process if you chose to join our program.

You can watch the Full Troops Into Transportation Video
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Immediate and Secure job placement!

The instructors were very helpful in giving out various tips to not just pass the CDL exams but also in transitioning into a career as a truck driver. There was plenty of hands on and stick time and I like how they put a very high emphasis on the student to instructor ratio.

Paul W.

They do the best they can to teach you without boring you to death great instructors if your having trouble doing something they will walk you through it time and time again until you get it right.

Dalton S.

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