IT Military Vet Job Vacancies

There are a lot of military veterans who are tech savvy considering the high tech devices that are used in the defense sector. This is also because the internet industry is quite booming and it has never ceased to grow and earn more. It is also a fact that the internet started from the military and it is indeed the military that paved the way for technological advances in the 21st century.

Due to the skills that are honed on military veterans while they were in the field they can certainly find veteran jobs in the technological industry. These vets can expect to receive higher salaries and security of tenure. The following are some of the technological posts that are high-paying which can be taken on by military vets.

  • Network Administrator

The best part about this job is that its demand is known to increase by 23 percent. Military vets who work as network admin can expect to earn around $50,000 per month.

  • IT consultant

For any military vet who has ample knowledge and experience to become an IT consultant, he can earn about $70,000 every month. It is also expected that this type of work will increase in terms of demand by 20 percent in the years to come.

  • IT Program manager

In the next six years, it is expected that the demand for this position will increase for 17 percent. This job is worth $90,000 per month.

  • Systems engineer

This is one of the most popular positions among military vets and vets are said to earn about $67,000 per month.

There is a higher chance for vets to end up with any of the positions listed above but each year the number of war veterans also increase. This is why the government is doing ways to augment the training for these veterans to easily return to civilian life. They have put up training centers that will handle this and also ensure that the vets will have better opportunities to landing better veteran jobs.

There are several sites that can help vets transition back to civilian life and one of these is the VetNet. This has been released by Google and it is known to be the largest hub for veterans to find mentors, jobs, training, contacts for other veterans who have successfully returned to civilian life.

Military vets may also check out Incline. This is a start-up business that will train vets for web development programs and then they will seek out companies that may need the services of the military vet they have just trained.

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