students do a pre-trip inspection of a tractor trailer while social distancing

Pre-Trip Inspection at a Distance – part of our new daily routine

Day 1 at the Troops Into Transportation campus on Joint Base Lewis McChord now includes protective face masks and gloves. Our team and students were relieved to get back to work and resume their training after a 4-week operational pause. Part of our new daily routine includes screening for COVID-19 symptoms, confirming all protective gear is worn by staff and students, and sanitizing equipment after every touch.

Recently Washington State Governor Inslee signed the order to re-open their economy, which included essential businesses like Troops Into Transportation and The CDL Schools of WA. Press release found here: Fortunately, throughout the 4-week pause, State Third Party CDL Skills Testers were still conducting the road tests that allowed many of our February and March students to obtain their CDL. This is an example of how other states could have followed Washington State’s lead of having third parties work together with state agencies toward a common goal.

Pre-Trip Inspection at a Distance – part of our new daily routine

This has not been the case for our location in NY where we are entering our 8th week and second month of a full shut down. Our campus is situated in upstate near Albany, NY. The training team and students at that location have experienced a devastating interruption in their program, leaving many students and employees in limbo.

It’s safe to say that our operations have followed strict guidelines by the CDC and used measures to ensure the safety of our students and staff. We have zero reported cases of COVID-19 and continue to educate our teams on how to stay safe while remaining operational. Cohorts are still forming via tele-delievery for the classroom written portion of our curriculum. We have adjusted to serve those who have successfully completed this online portion and obtained their state issued CDL Learner’s Permit at campuses that have remained in operation during this unprecedented time.

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