Truck Driving for Military Vets

There are a lot of retirees and veterans who are looking into getting a career in truck driving. The best part about truck driving is the chance to see the scenery in the countryside often while earning in the process. Doing so will surely give them the satisfaction, the adventure, and sense of accomplishment in earning. And the pay is not that bad in any way.

There are a number of trucking companies that are in need of veterans trucking drivers and they will be happy to take in drivers who are experienced in the field. One good thing about this industry is that there is no age limit to it. One thing that the companies will like more about these vets is that they have a good verifiable track record for their previous job. What these vets should do is to look for a truck driving training program that will enable them to have a CDL license. It’s not that hard to find since they have a lot of options from the many community colleges and school programs offered by some other schools. They can also go to independently operated truck driving schools. Some companies also provide free CDL training programs.

There are certain physical considerations too for veterans trucking. The vets should pass the Dept. of Transportation physical exam. They need to have a 20/40 vision at least which should be correctable. The use of contact lenses and glasses is fine. The want-to-be truck drivers should not also have health complications like diabetes and hypertension. For those who are diabetic they are not allowed to use insulin injection but only oral medication and dietary intervention. The blood pressure of the truck driver applicant should be under 160/100. They are allowed to follow a prescribed medication. A stress test is also needed for the vets to ensure that he or she can drive a commercial vehicle without any limitations.

Being a truck driver demands a different lifestyle. It’s given that they would have to stay in the truck day in and day out for days or even weeks. It is also quite a challenge that they have to meet schedules for pickup and delivery. They may not have access to homemade foods all the time. This is better money-earning opportunity for any military vet instead of spending a lot of TV time at home. Trucking companies are certainly interested in military veterans for their stamina and determination.

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